Marian’s Small Athletic Programs Not Noticed


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Allison Grosenick, Staff Writer

Most people don’t realize that golf has been here at Marian University since 1986 and tennis since 1990. When someone says they are a college athlete at Marian, most people assume they play hockey, baseball, soccer or possibly basketball.

“So why are golf and tennis not as recognized like the bigger sports, such as hockey?”  The golf and tennis coaches and athletic director were asked that question.

Coach Christine Keller from the women’s golf team stated that, “people think there is not much training involved and you just kind of go out there and swing a club.” So, maybe if the coaches and players were to explain it more into detail, more people would understand the sport and what it entails.

Coach Marcus Wiegert from the men’s and women’s tennis team stated that this lack of recognition is due to a “lack of numbers.” This point is really just comparing team sizes. For instance, when a team with 16 players walks into a gym, people know that it’s a team. When a team of eight walks in to the gym, people are more likely to assume it’s just a group of friends.

Marian University’s Athletic Director Jason Bartelt stated, “I wouldn’t say they are less recognized, in my opinion because they are just harder to follow at the venues they play at (golf courses, tennis courts, and cross country courses).

“I also believe that in the past there wasn’t a priority placed on these sports to help them be successful.  I am trying to change that,” Bartelt stated.

When asked how he plans on building up the small programs, he responded. “We can build up our smaller athletic department sport offerings by increasing the overall roster, running an organized and structured program, and recruiting and retaining dedicated athletes to participate in these sports.”

Both, Keller and Wiegert added that recruitment plays a big role. Coach Keller stated “that experience and sport specific skills are important.”

All in all, these smaller sports need to be more recognized across campus. Even if golf or tennis isn’t your sport, try it out and go cheer them on.  Check out the fall schedule for Marian’s golf and tennis teams.  Just remember Sabres supporting Sabres. It’s most likely that they will go to support you.

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