Day In The Life Of Sadoff Gymnasium


Tanner Pagendam, Staff Writer


It’s quite interesting to observe and analyze what happens in Fond du Lac, Wis., on the Marian University campus and how individuals  journey through their busy days.

One hot spot on campus is that of  Howard L. Sadoff Gymnasium where students can access resources such as workout equipment, training aids, and much more.

There is always  a lot of activity in the gym, and  today there was a volleyball game taking place on the gym floor.

There were four players on each side of the court, all wearing gym attire that seemed to give them the appearance  of  official volleyball players. And what do you know?  They just happened to play for the men’s volleyball team here at Marian University.

Even though practice wasn’t in session, the gym floor time was open, and the volleyball players took full advantage of the situation. They made even teams with four on each side and began to warm-up  by knocking and serving the ball around to each other.

After the warm-up, they were prepared to play.  The first service came into play and started the  game between the two sides. Serve after serve, volley after volley, the amusement and excitement that arose from simply watching men’s volleyball players just knock the ball around would make anyone  want to ask the question, “Hey, can I join?” even while knowing  the superiority of the players’ skill level.

As people walked in and out of the gym, the men’s volleyball players continued to play for about an hour or so.  They were able to complete  a solid workout while enjoying  a sport they love to play here at Marian University.