Stop Ghosting


Gracie Thies, Webmaster and Staff Writer

A common conversation topic among college students is ‘ghosting.’ For those who do not know what this is, it’s when two people that may have interest in each other are talking when one of them proceeds to cut all ties with the other person, with no reasoning or communication to the other individual about what may have gone wrong. 

Ghosting has become very popular as of late and it’s what most people do if they can’t actually say what’s needed to be said without being uncomfortable. Without calling anyone out, ghosting happens often on the Marian University campus. It’s easy to say that it’s wrong, but we’ve all likely done it at one time or another. Having the ability to say, “I’m not really interested anymore,” is not easy. 

A common scenario is when one person is more invested than the other in a relationship. That’s when ghosting comes in. One person is snapchatting a lot more often than the other and maybe is a little too clingy. Snapchat makes things like ghosting easy to do. If someone stops replying and seems like they are ignoring, then they probably just ghosted someone else. 

Take into consideration that most ghosting seems apparent in the first two years of college. Most college students are looking to get serious their junior or senior year due to the end of college coming soon. Ghosting is for younger individuals that don’t care about feelings and leaving someone without answers. The way it’s being described probably sounds heartless, which is accurate. 

Guys say that women ghost more often and women say that guys do it more. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. There’s two different perspectives on what exactly happens when someone is ghosted. Half the time, someone might not see they are being ghosted, so they will continue to talk to the other person, and that’s not good. Talking to them too much can become excessive and come off as being clingy. No one wants someone who is clingy, right? 

Maybe some good old college kids will get the hang of what it actually means to be a relatively good person and talk to each other in person. Ghosting makes it so there is no need for confrontation or an explanation for the sudden end to a short friendship, if that’s what it’s called. Yes, boys will be boys and girls will be girls, but we are in college. End the childish games that are somehow made up to make life easier for people not willing to even give the time of day. 

Anyone that has ghosted before should take a look in the mirror and see that what he or she is doing isn’t right. No matter how scary speaking up can be, saying something is better than saying nothing at all. The outcomes of some situations could be different if just one person would have said how he or she felt. It can bring regret and guilt. Don’t let ghosting ruin human interaction and communication as we know it.  

Take a step back and think about being a decent human being for once. We all go through awkward situations, so why not join the club and just say it?