Athlete Spotlight: Meet Logan Hamilton

Student Logan

Gracie Thies, Webmaster and Staff Writer

This year the Men’s Basketball team has eleven freshmen on the roster. With a big group also comes lots of talent. There are many accomplished players on the team and Logan Hamilton is one of them.

Hamilton is a 6’5” freshman guard/forward from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He has a strong presence on the court and hopes the team will also have a strong presence in Conference. A goal for the season that could be attainable is winning Conference or finishing in the top five. Developing physically and mentally as a team is something else Hamilton would like to accomplish this season, which could be beneficial for future seasons to come.

In high school, Hamilton was a strong shooter, but basketball was not his strongest sport. He was actually better at football and in the end, chose basketball because he enjoyed the sport more. While playing basketball in high school, Logan developed some key traits needed in life, like leadership, competition, failure, and success. The ups and downs of competing on and off the court are what prepare an athlete for playing in college.

When asked what his favorite part about the game was, Hamilton said, succeeding and having fun. Obviously, success is a big factor in sports, and Logan has had many achievements to go along with winning. He has scored 40 points all in just one game and was first team All-Conference Honors.

A few interesting facts about Logan are that he is a good dancer, broke both his feet six months apart, and likes fashion, because having 40 pairs of shoes between his roommate, Tristan and himself is obviously not enough. According to Logan, there’s one thing he would like the people of Marian to know about him and there’s no better way to say it than directly from the Logan Hamilton himself.

“I want the people at Marian to know how cool our room is,” said Hamilton. “We have a pretty dope room.”

By ‘dope room,’ he is referring to the overwhelming amount of shoes his roommate and him own, but don’t put him on blast for saying that though, that’s just not a good idea. The funniest thing Logan has done as of lately is dunk on his roommate Tristan, or so he says. Although Tristan might not agree with that statement. Aside from the jokes, Logan has big dreams. After college, he would like to eventually be the CEO of a company.

Over the years, Hamilton has had to deal with some lingering injuries including, two broken feet, a rolled ankle, and a dislocated finger. One of the injuries came this year, before the season even started. Hamilton broke his foot and was stuck with a boot and crutches for quite some time. Hopefully Hamilton will return to the court before the season is over, that date could be somewhere in mid to late December if everything checks out okay.

Watching the guys play from off the bench isn’t all that fun, but the guys have a great bond with each other and the coaches, which is what Logan likes about being on the basketball team at Marian University. Although the team may not have a winning record, there is still time to hit the gas and ride the rest of the season out with a winning mentality, and maybe even Logan will get to join the guys on the court for some of that winning action.