Athlete Spotlight: Meet Tristan Van Ess

Student Tristan

Gracie Thies, Webmaster and Staff Writer

A freshman that has gotten some good playing time on the court this season is Tristan Van Ess. His height gives him an advantage when it comes to shooting near the rim.

A 6’7” forward, coming from Oostburg, Wisconsin, Tristan provides the team with a strong force on and off the court. Van Ess has appeared in a total of nine games and is averaging about 11 minutes a game. He also is averaging 3.7 points and 2.6 rebounds a game. Some more stats include making 46.7% of field goals and shooting 57% at the free throw line.

Getting into the swing of things hasn’t been all that easy for the freshman, as playing college ball is a totally different pace and environment than high school. The stats can only say so much about a player, but getting to know the person he is, adds another aspect to the type of player he is.

While playing basketball in high school, Tristan set some high standards. He became a 1,000-point shooter and a Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association All-Star. All these accomplishments are just the beginning for the powerful forward. Battling with the big guys every game isn’t an easy task, but Van Ess is always up for the challenge.

The young freshman has only been on the team for a semester, but he’s created a great relationship with the other players, including getting a nickname, T. His favorite part about the basketball program is the bond that the players and coaches have with each other. A strong bond is what makes a team successful. Being successful leads to another aspect of basketball that he enjoys. Winning is definitely fun, which is something the Marian University Men’s Basketball team has experienced the past few weeks, with victories against Beloit and Concordia University Chicago. Tristan also talks a lot about the good times his roommate, Logan Hamilton and him have.

“One time I shaved a line in Logan’s eyebrow at the beginning of the year,” said Van Ess. “That’s probably the funniest thing I’ve done this semester.”

One interesting fact that other people might not know about him is he slept for 15 hours straight. That’s over half the day and no one was concerned. Van Ess also has a legendary basketball player that he looks up to. That person is Michael Jordan, possibly the best man known to ever play the game of basketball.

When Tristan’s four years at Marian University come to an end, he would like to be a kindergarten teacher. If he keeps up the good work on and off the court, he will have plenty to teach the kids, whether that be the alphabet or a playbook.