The Semester Is Near Its End, but Tensions Only Rise


Ben Scheppmann, Staff Writer

With the school semester closing down and finals week approaching fast, many of us are waiting for May 11th to arrive. That sweet date wraps up finals week and is the day when many students will be moving off of campus, if not sooner. Yet as that day comes closer, student stress levels often increase. There are fewer days left to complete big projects, fewer days to help our GPAs by doing extra credit assignments, and fewer days to study for impending tests and presentations. No matter what your finals schedule looks like, this last week of lead-up is sure to make you feel the pressure.  

So what are these rising tensions and shortening deadlines doing to us students? I’m sure many of us can agree that what we are feeling is a mix of excitement, fear, and a lack of sleep. Whatever you may be feeling, you’re not the only one. Look around during any of your classes and take comfort that you are not the only one with sleepy eyes. That is what is important to remember: you aren’t the only one who may be struggling to push through to the end.  

Band together with your friends these next days. Help each other say on track for classwork, have study sessions together, and don’t forget to take time to relax.  

When you and a few friends have verified free time, don’t forget to balance the stress with some fun. Play video games, grab a movie and hang out, or even go out to a restaurant before returning to your books or bed. Don’t just let school melt your mind and stress you out to the point of mixing Tuesday with Saturday. Take a deep breath, balance your time wisely, and take breaks when necessary. Though your grades might be important to you, don’t forget to keep your sanity.