How Sabres Spend their Fall Season

Brenda Ordonez, Reporter

As the air turns crisp and leaves descend to the ground, it is safe to assume that fall has arrived. For many, Fall is welcomed with cider, caramel apples, and several festivities. When asking the students of Marian University about their impending fall plans and traditions, it was evident they were no exception.

Alyssa Ostrowski, a senior at Marian University has shared that her fall festivities include getting drinks with friends at Fat Joes and eating caramel apples at Little farmer. She plans to go to Texas later this month to visit one of her closest friends. When asked what she was planning to dress up as for Halloween she stated she would go as a “scarecrow, lifeguard or the girl from Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Alyssa is packed and ready to get her fall plans started.

Jill Schneider, also a senior at Marian University will be spending her season of fall “getting eaten by mosquitos” and watching the MLB baseball games. You can catch Jill at Ziggies on Sundays’ for half-priced Hurricanes or at Little farmer enjoying some delicious caramelized apples. Jill’s plans for this fall include playing hockey and partaking in sober October. When asked what her future costume ideas are she responded saying “I wanted to be ugly Princess Mia, but I have hockey, so I can’t”. Jill is ready to start her hockey and fall season. Good luck Jill!


Jamie Disterhaft, a sophomore at Marian University responded with a single statement when asked about her fall plans and traditions, “All these ghosts and I still can’t get a boo.” Best of luck this Fall Jamie!

Jordan Bock a senior at Marian University loves to spend his fall season taking nature walks and hanging out with friends. This fall he will be eating plenty of Taffy apples and plans dress up as “a typical dad”. When asked how he plans to spend his Halloween he stated, “I plan to party my ass off”. Jordan seems to have his fall plans laid out and ready to be put in use. Have fun Jordan!