Athlete Spotlight: Kyle Klusendorf


Kyle Klusendorf is seen on the field for a game.

Brenda Ordonez, Reporter

Kyle Klusendorf transferred to Marian University as a Junior and is currently majoring in biology with a future aspiration to be a physical therapist. He is on the Marian University Soccer team, and has earned this week’s athletes’ spotlight.  

“My older brother played soccer, so my parents just put me in,” said Klusendorf on why he started playing soccer in Kindergarten. 

Since then Kyle has kept up with soccer and has accumulated 16 years of experience on the field. Through the years Kyle has played several positions including forward, midfield -his personal favorite- and is currently a defender for Marian’s Soccer team.  

When asked why Kyle preferred to play midfield, he stated “I like to run a lot, and I also like that you can both defend and play make”.  

It’s a good thing Kyle enjoys running, as he has earned a lot of playing time this season. Kyle has started all 15 games and has sat less than 10 minutes the entire season. This further acknowledges Kyle’s value to Marian’s soccer team as well as his hard-work this season. 


Looking at such a stong and skilled player one must wonder: what motivates him and who inspires him? Kyle’s motivation stems from the feelings he has when he steps on the field, he quotes “I feel free out there… I hate losing, so I try my best to win.” Another large motivator for Kyle also happens to be his inspiration, his dad Keith Klusendorf. His dad has made it to 10 out of the 15 games while living 2 hours away. The support Kyle receives, and his own personal ambitions has fueled him to excel in this year’s 2018 fall soccer season. 

Kyle Klusendorf is a hardworking, valuable collegiate soccer player that enjoys the game that he plays and the team that he is on. Kyle’s last game for the season was held Wednesday, October 24, against Edgewood. Sadly, they lost 3-2. Kyle has enjoyed his season and is looking forward to getting back on the field next year.