eSports Event: “Jack Box”


Brenda Ordonez, Reporter

The Marian University eSports Club will be hosting an event on Friday November 9th, at the Blue Line Family Ice Center, starting at 7 p.m. during Marian’s Division III Men’s Hockey game. The event will take place in the lobby right outside of the rink. The eSports club is hosting this event to promote their club and entertain participants.  

This event is free and welcomes all who wish to join. All that is needed in order to participate is a mobile device: phone, tablet, or laptop. The participants will be playing a set of games on their mobile device in a player pack called Jack Box. They can pull this up by searching “Jack Box” in a browser (no downloading is required). There will be a code projected on one of the TV’s in the lobby for recipients to join the game. There will be no teams as it is all individual. This event is for guests to have fun and stay warm in the lobby while the Men’s Hockey game is in intermission.  

This is the first off-campus event that the eSports Club is hosting. Their previous and future events include on-campus Super Smash Bros nights as well as League of Legends nights. These events are welcome for anyone to join.  

The eSports club started two years ago, and is overseen by Professor Jessica Little and Dr. James T. Gray. To become a member of the eSports club is quite simple, just come to the meetings and play. The meetings are held in Stayer room 124. League nights are Monday’s and Friday’s 4-9 p.m. Nothing is required as games are played on the Stayer computers. The game that is usually played on league nights is League of Legends, as it is the most accessible.  

The eSports club is hoping to partner up with the company Game On to have access to equipment and space. The expenses for the software and PC’s needed for each person to play are expenses that the eSports Club does not have, so finding an organization like Game On to allow them to use the technology and software they need is a huge improvement. The future aspirations of the eSports Club are to develop a team and compete competitively with other schools electronically.  

Two members of the eSports club that I personally got to meet were Daniel Liberko and Brian Fox. Brian Fox is Secretary of the club, and Daniel Liberko is a member and one of the organizers of the “Jack Box” event. Daniel is a member of the Marian ACHA Hockey team and is double majoring in Sports and Recreation Management and Recreation Management Information Systems.  

Liberko said, “Organizing this event is a great way to get involved and get a better understanding on what it takes to organize an event. I thought it was a good opportunity to tie both my Sport and Recreation Management and Recreation Management Information systems majors.” 

Brian Fox is a junior at Marian and a Graphic Design major. He will be at the event to help participants in any way. Brian Fox has been a member of the eSports club since the beginning and encourages people to join.  

“If anyone is interested feel free to reach out or just show up,” said Fox. 

Come on out and have some fun at the eSports event this Friday, while supporting our men’s Hockey team. There will be more than enough activities going on for everyone to have a good time.