Entertainment on Campus: How to Make it Better


Shana Risby, Reporter

The entertainment here on campus is not as engaging as we’d like to see. There is a stigma that the entertainment is lame and that is why people don’t attend events. We as college students need entertainment that will fulfill our interest.  Don’t get me wrong, we love the hypnotists, mentalist, and slam poets that come to our school. Mostly everyone that attends the hypnotists’ shows loves the acts. Let’s be honest, for some of us this was our first hypnotist show.  

Spidey was amazing and left the audiences in awe. Let’s not forget Daniel Franzese, better known as Damien from the hit movie Mean Girls. His stand-up comedic show was something that the campus needed after midterm week was winding down. It was one of the most unforgettable shows on campus. He had the audience engaged with laughter and at the end he gave the audience pieces of advice. He ended with some motivation to move forward in life. We as students need more entertainment like that.  

There are a few things to take into consideration when moving forward with entertainment on campus.  

First thing to take into consideration is the demographics of the students on campus. With the push for diversity on campus, there must be a wide range of entertainment to fit the likes of all students. Not everyone on campus likes country music. There should be a wider range of acts to appeal to different preferences.  

Take into consideration acts including: hip-hop, pop, slam poetry, EDM, techno, etc. I’m not saying to go try to book Migos (which would be great), just be more inclusive of everyone when considering performances. Perhaps provide a survey to the students inquiring about acts and performances that they would want to see on campus within reason.  

The music arrangements for organized campus parties are not aligned with our modern-day tastes. The music is out of date and out of touch. Students enjoy a good throwback, don’t get me wrong but, it should be mixed with mainstream music. Music is key when drawing in crowds. I think with better music a bigger crowd would be present at on campus functions.  

Another thing to take into consideration is that we are all adults. We should be able to choose acts that contain mature content relative to our peer group or age range. We enjoy the previous entertainment provided, but there is a need of improvement.