Exciting Winter Break Plans for Sabres

Brenda Ordonez, Reporter

Carol Nelson 

A Senior Majoring in Marketing and Public Relations, Carol Nelson is majoring in Public Relations and Marketing. She is an ambitious student that knows how to work hard and have fun. 

Carol will start her break off with some Christmas traditions which include buying presents for her family and hosting a Christmas party for her entire neighborhood. She then plans to travel to Tampa, Florida to get some sun and visit some close friends. However, Carol’s break will not only involve lots of fun, but also work, as she will be working on her internship with Lisa Kidd, updating the social media, while also taking a Marketing winterim course.  

William Newberry 

Will Newberry is a Sophomore here at Marian and is part of the Men’s ACHA Club Hockey team here at Marian. Will is originally from New Jersey and that’s where he plans on spending his winter break. While spending some time back home, he will indulge in a lot of good food and some quality family time. Will can’t wait to play some hockey and spend some time with his friends.  

Maggie Jalowiec 

Maggie Jaloweic is a Sophomore at Marian and is part of the Women’s Lacrosse team. This winter break she plans to play lacrosse and get ready for her first game that’s coming up in February. Maggie can’t wait to spend time with her family and attend Christmas at her grandpa’s house. On New Year’s, the Jalowiec clan has some tasty plans as they will be hosting a fondue party at their house. 

Sheamus Stoyle 

Sheamus Stoyle is a Sophomore at Marian and is majoring in Marketing. He is part of the Men’s ACHA Club Hockey team and a member of the Honors Program. Sheamus is a busy guy on campus and plans to carry that throughout break. Sheamus is from Herriman, Utah and plans to spend his break there alongside some family and friends.  

Upon arriving to Utah, Sheamus will spend some time hanging out in the court room. His first task there will be to fight for justice and help his younger sister resolve a parking ticket. Then he will be doing his civil responsibility by attending jury duty. After that’s taken care of Sheamus’ fun can begin. He plans to play some hockey, party with some friends, go skiing, and might even take a trip to Vegas. For Christmas Eve Sheamus and his family will celebrate his aunt’s birthday and Christmas all in one with food and gifts.