Valentine’s Day Done Right: What Your Partner Really Wants on February 14


Brenda Ordonez, Reporter

“I loved Valentine’s day when I was in elementary school. I remember going around the classroom putting candy and cards in everyone’s bags. Of course, I would always give the biggest piece of candy and the card with the coolest stickers to my crush. As for the girl I didn’t like I’d give her the worst candy and the crappy Hannah Montana stickers.” said Jamie Disterhaft. 

Jamie’s fond memories of Valentine’s day during her childhood are consistent with many other Marian students’ memories of Valentine’s Day growing up. Junior, Greg Robinson, recalls a similar story of handing out candy and cards to his peers. He gave a little more candy with one or two extra winky faces written on the inside of the card to his crush, to let them know how he felt about them.  

In those times the “extra candy” and the “coolest stickers” went a long way. Those simple gifts and gestures expressed our feelings in a way our words could not. It was exciting, fun, and thoughtful. Every card, every piece of candy was handcrafted and selected to show your biggest, darkest secret: who you were crushing on.  

However, as we grow up, a national holiday that we once enjoyed and looked forward to has become another stressor in our lives. Instead of deciding whether to give our crush/significant other a KitKat or a Milkyway they would like best, we must decide whether to get someone flowers or chocolates. If so, what kind of flowers, and how many? Chocolates? Dark or light, crunchy or creamy? Would they even like that or would they like dinner and a movie? How expensive should the restaurant be? What movie should we watch? Should I also buy them jewelry? How about a necklace? Perhaps a bracelet? Maybe some earrings to match?  

In an attempt to bring back the excitement of Valentine’s Day for the students of Marian, we have asked students around campus what they wish the opposite gender knew/did on Valentine’s day. We trust that their answers and desires will help you gain insight about what both, females and males would like on Valentine’s day. Hopefully this article will help you understand what your partner really wants.  

Get your notepads out men and pay attention. Girls aren’t looking for the entire Pandora collection. We don’t care how expensive the restaurant is. Chocolate is chocolate, we will eat it no matter what. Guys seem to think girls are materialistic monsters on Valentine’s Day. That is not the case. What girls really want from their partner/crush/lover is a fun date night, maybe going roller skating or to an arcade, just something fun we can do together,” said Jenna Moehn. If roller skating is not your forte, then don’t sweat it. “As long as we [you] spend time together and he does nice things without me asking him, that’s enough,” said Jamie Disterhaft. 

The common theme here is that girls aren’t concerned with what you get them or the quality of it. What matters is that you make an effort to spend time with them on that day. Make small plans to do something together that’s fun without being asked. It’s the small things and quality time that count. 

Alright ladies, it’s our turn. Listen up. As a woman, I am also guilty of expecting the guy to put in all the work on Valentine’s day. We have forgotten that Valentine’s day is NOT “Women’s Day.” That means we need to stop hogging the spotlight and share it with our significant other. Guy’s like Valentine’s Day too and they want us to know that. Sophomore, Sheamus Stoyle says, “I wish girls knew that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about girls. Guys like things for Valentine’s Day too.” When asked what guys like Stoyle said, “something lowkey and  not anything too out of bounds.” Like Stoyle’s answer, Freshman, Jahlil Turner says, “Valentine’s Day should go both ways. We care about Valentine’s Day, but our options of things to do are limited based on our circumstances.” Apparently, guys have been feeling neglected and not thought of on the day of February the 14th. That can be fixed. “Women need to start spending time with their significant other,” said Nathaniel Sampson. “They need to remember men do care and put in the effort, yet they would also like the same effort in return.” 

Valentine’s day is right around the corner. It’s coming soon, and its coming fast. Instead of bracing for impact, you are now equipped with a deeper understanding of your partner and excited to once again enjoy Valentine’s Day as you did several years ago.