Unrealistic Credit Limit Should be changed


Caitlin Wallace, Reporter

As a student of Marian university, you are required to take at least twelve credits to remain a full-time student. The max credit limit you ask, 17 credits. You cannot exceed 17 credits if you do not wish to pay more for the credits you might need or might be required to take for your major.  

This has caused much anger and discussion among Marian students including myself. The majority of classes offered at Marian are either three or four credits with exceptions. With 17 being an odd number, makes it difficult for students to stay within the credit limit. For example, to fulfill my requirements for my major I had to take six classes this semester. Thankfully one of my labs was only one credit leaving me at 17 credits. If that lab were to be anything more than one credit, I would have had to fork out a minimum of $300 to cover that single credit I was over.  

On top of having to pay extra for your overloaded credit, you must request permission to overload your schedule. In this request, they ask for your last term’s GPA, Cumulative GPA, and why you should be able to pay the school hundreds of dollars more for classes you are required to take for your major. If you were to double major there is a high chance of you needing to overload if you want to graduate within a four-year time frame. If your overload request gets denied, then you are taken out of an opportunity to not only save some money in the long run, but to also graduate in the time frame that you had hoped.  

If the school were to raise the credit limit to an even number, it would reduce the amount of times students would have to submit overload requests and save students money. With classes being 3-4 credits, it’s tricky to figure out how many credits one might end up with. Trying to make it to 17 with four credit classes doesn’t work. The same is for having only three credit classes. Neither option adds up to 17 credits, which raises a question. Can you make 17 credits with three and four credit classes?  

You can but the chance of the credits coming out to exactly 17 is very difficult for students. Without one credit classes, you would be limited to two, four credit courses and three, three credit courses. As you get closer to the classes needed for your major, it becomes more difficult to find the balance. Classes become more difficult and are only four credit courses. Making the credit limit 18 would help this cause because you can take more four credit courses without going over the credit limit and get your classes done in a timely manner.