From One Athlete to Another by an Anonymous Writer


Life’s a Bench  

I write for the bench. I write for the players who feel not good enough. I write for the players who feel like they are just placeholders filling a spot on their team. I hear you. This is an inspirational piece to motivate, inspire and encourage those to preserve in the game they love most. 

I know you feel like giving up, don’t.    

You wake up at the crack of dawn to put the work in. You tie your shoes tight and lace them up the same way as the next person. You are the first one at practice and the last one to leave. You run those suicides like your life depends on it. You make the time, every time. In the drills you leave your blood, sweat and tears on the court. In your head you have the plays on repeat, like a broken record. You must work twice as hard to prove yourself, prove your worth. Still no results. Grind, hustle, repeat.  

Your body hurts. Your muscles are aching, and legs are tense. Your head is pulsating, but excuses are unacceptable to you. You still grind, hustle and repeat. On top of all the obstacles you face within your sport, it doesn’t compare to the things you go through off the court. You look at each game as a new day. You stay positive and you cheer as loud as you can for your team. As you watch the clock tick down, you see your chances of getting in tick down. Your self-confidence is shot, again. 

I know you feel like giving up, don’t.  

You put YEARS into this sport and if you feel as if it has gone unnoticed, it hasn’t.  

Think about the lessons you have learned along the way. You learned how to dedicate yourself to something you are passionate about. You learned the importance of teamwork. You learned how to manage your time and you do an excellent job doing it. You learned that physical pain is nothing but a mental obstacle. You have sacrificed so much to get to where you are, why would you think about turning back now? 

Overall you wouldn’t be the same without your game, and your game won’t be the same without you. I see you screaming, itching to show your worth. Don’t let your determination die, you traveled here for a reason. Every action comes with a reaction. You won’t give up. You will succeed. You will live up to your full potential. Continue to chase your dreams, everything will work out. Trust me.