Slim & Chubby’s Silence Persists


Brenda Ordoñez, Reporter

A local bar in the small town of Fond Du Lac known as Slim & Chubby’s has been silent and refused to make any comment regarding their establishment and its policies. This bar, also known as “Slims,” is well known amongst the Marian community as being a lively, fun place to attend on the weekends. However, recent speculations that “Slims” is changing their policies have created some concern amongst Marian students this past weekend. 

Slim & Chubby’s, being a popular bar with a highly visible presence of students from around the area, has allowed us to gain access to some answers. Two Marian students that have asked to stay anonymous have reported that while at Slims this past weekend they were asked to show two forms of identification, one being their license. Both students could not provide the necessary information and were asked to leave the premises.  

What is strange in these encounters from these two students is that not all Slim & Chubby’s attendees that night were asked to show two forms of identification. Some weren’t asked for any. Why had these two students been the exception? What could they have in common? 

After further investigation, it was discovered that Slim & Chubby’s has always had a policy giving them the right to ask customers for two forms of identification. Yet, the policy has not been frequently implemented until now. What has inspired their push to suddenly enforce this policy in recent weeks? 

A 22-year-old student majoring in Communications that wishes to also stay anonymous has shared information as to why “Slims” could be trying to enforce this policy now. Two weekends ago this student was having a good time at “Slims” when they began talking to the current bouncer. The bouncer revealed to the student that within that one night, they had acquired “3 fake IDs, with the same name, picture and state, Florida, so they were going to report it.” The bouncer later made a comment about Slims having “a 3-inch stack of fake IDs in the basement.” Within that one night they noticed several fake IDs coming in from Florida and Illinois. “A girl even tried leaving the bar to give her friend her ID, both were asked to leave,” says the student.  

After hearing these students experiences and encounters, a correlation was found to answer why they were specifically asked to show two forms of identification while the others were not. The link between both stories is the state their IDs are from. Both students had out of state IDs while their companions that were not questioned had Wisconsin IDs. This could imply that due to the “3-inch stack” of fake IDs, the majority of fake IDs are out of state and will no longer be accepted. Those entering Slim & Chubby’s with non-Wisconsin IDs will most likely be asked to show two forms of Identification from now on.  

“Slims” silence has made it difficult to find concrete answers to the rules and regulations of their establishment. All that is known for sure is that there is and always has been a policy allowing them to ask for two forms of ID. Due to the several fake ID’s that have been confiscated from different states, these are the IDs that have a higher chance of being questioned.  It’s recommended that if anyone has an ID from a different state, to clarify with the bouncer if any confrontation occurs.