Diversity Club Introduces College Prom to Marian


Gregory Robinson, Reporter

Marian studentsyou asked for it, and it’s here. This year, Marian University’s Diversity Club will be hosting its first ever college prom on April 6th, at 7 P.M. in the Sadoff Gymnasium. Come out in your most glamorous attire and enjoy a range of festivities, from food and beverages, to a DJ that accepts requests, and a photo booth managed by the Forensic Science Club. Not only this, but there will also be paparazzi present from the Sabre Voice Newspaper to emulate a Hollywood-esque atmosphere.  

 This will be the first event hosted by Diversity Club, which was established just last year. The purpose of its creation is to educate individuals, specifically Marian students, about racial and ethnic issues they may not have been aware of before. One of the primary aspects of the club is keeping ongoing updates on the whereabouts of other countries. This past Wednesday, members of the club celebrated Ghana’s 62nd year of independence, plus honored those lives lost in the Ethiopian plane crash by having a moment of silence. Diversity Club tries to update members on different holidays, events, customs, foods and more aspects that are all specific to unique cultures around the world. The primary focus of the club is to introduce members to different cultures, and to teach students how to embrace those cultures different from their own. After all, the club’s motto encourages, “Embrace it. Celebrate it. Learn it.” 

This is exactly what the Diversity Club hopes to see students do on April 6th at the first college prom initiated here at Marian, where students have the opportunity to attend and embrace others they may not have known before. The club’s purpose in creating this event is to provide students with an entertaining function that is not only enjoyable, but allows students to interact, meet others, and possibly learn something new about another student.  

Club Vice President Charmaine Harris says, “I am excited to see different people from different cultures come together and have fun.” Students also seem to unite in this excitement, as freshman Samantha Fabian said, “I can’t wait. I had such a great time at my [high school] prom and I know this one will be even better.” 

Marian University students, faculty, and staffget ready to embrace, learn and celebrate campus’ very first college prom with Diversity Club next Saturday!