Another Bucks Watch Party Coming Soon


Gracie Thies (left) and Tyler VanRossum (right) wait for students to opt-in to the Student Rush Program at Fat Joe’s Bar and Grill.

Gracie Thies, Editor

Two Marian University students, Tyler VanRossum and Gracie Thies, hosted the first ever Milwaukee Bucks Watch Party. Last Thursday more that 50 people filled Fat Joe’s Bar & Grill for different reasons. Some hoped to win some great prizes, others wanted to spend the night in a fun environment.  

The Bucks happened to be playing an important game against the 76ers. A game that would need to be won in order to get home advantage for the first game of the playoffs. With the event being held at a bar, there were drink specials offered along with a front seat to all the action.  

The purpose of the event was to have as many students take advantage of extremely affordable ticket prices and also to get more opt-ins for the Milwaukee Bucks Student Rush Program. Anyone that signed up received sunglasses, wristbands, pop sockets, and the opportunity to enter for a prize. There was also an option to wager points for the combined half-time score. The winner won an autographed photo. Prizes were given out at half time and at the end of the game. Some of the prizes included backpacks, coozies, coasters, t-shirts, a jacket, and hats.  

“I am excited for the next event,” said Kate Dombrowski. “I won a t-shirt, which was really cool, and everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves.” 

The Brand Ambassadors are hoping to plan a similar event during the playoffs and get an even better turnout. If more people attend, then more events will follow, along with better prizes. Some of the prize favorites were the jacket and backpacks.  

For those who did not attend, you missed out. There is still time. Contact Tyler or Gracie and ask about the Student Rush Program. There’s a good chance they still have some prizes on hand.  

I’ve never been to an event like this and I really liked it,” said Caitlin Wallace. “I was surprised by how many people showed up with Marian being such a small school.” 

The Sabre Voice featured the event on social media with pictures of giveaway winners and people that were in attendance. Smiles were seen all around as many students were surprised that they won anything at all. Look forward to an even more energized environment at the next event along with better prizes. Don’t miss out!