The Final Set


Men’s volleyball players using some yoga technique to prepare for play.

Gregory Robinson, Reporter

They stepped onto the court for the last time and now it is their time to say goodbye to the sport they love so much and say hello to new beginnings in their careers. Through wins and losses, this team has stayed strong. Not only on the court, but off the court too. This year’s seniors came in with a mission to be the best as well as to get the team off the ground. Through passion, leadership, dedication, and a few disagreements, they formed the Marian University Men’s Volleyball team.

“It was really hard in the beginning because we didn’t have any upperclassmen with experience besides Aaron, who was only a sophomore, but it was a lot easier because John, Cullen, Ben, and I all knew each other so we could put each other in check,” said senior setter Joey Dittman. Now it’s a lot easier going through it all for the fourth time and bringing in new recruits keeps it fresh and new.”  

The seniors put a lot into the program hoping to get even more people involved. They did so through encouraging attendance at games and recruitment, to even hosting potential athletes in their own rooms. Then watching them come to play on the team, seeing them growing, learning, and having fun are all the times they say they will remember most.  

With this being only the fourth year of the program, the team has performed tremendously, as they qualified for the conference tournament twice in the last two years and the seniors believe it will only improve from there. With these individuals working and improving the team from beginning to end, it has no doubt been a struggle, but working together toward a common ground is one thing they have strived for and found great success in doing.

“I think that in anything in life you need a core group of people that share a common goal together to make it easier.” said Jon Smallpage. I think our team definitely shared a common goal which made working through tough times easier and made celebrating much more enjoyable.

Throughout the season the Sabres team has shown immense work ethic on and off the court. This includes doing internships, having clinicals, working on homework and still attending practices. This is not forced upon them, it is a choice.Go out there and give it your all, and leave it all out there on the floor,” is a common saying from senior libero Cullen Liberski. And although the team did not make it to the conference tournament, this senior had some very encouraging words.

“This team can go extremely far, and I see them winning conference,” said Tyler Barnett. “This team started four years ago when all of us were freshmen and had no idea how college volleyball would be like. As the years pass, we get more and more confident not only in ourselves but in each other,” said Barnett. The Marian community looks forward to seeing what this team will be doing in the future. Best of luck to our graduating seniors. Thank you for the legacy that you have left on and off the court and for setting such a great example for the future team.