Ask Sam Anything


Gracie Thies, Editor

The Sabre Voice Newspaper has now added an anonymous column for anyone that would like to submit questions. The questions can be about basically anything. Whether it be advice, questions about Marian University, or even suggestions for where to eat in Fond du Lac, the Sabre Voice is here for you. 

The link to the Google form is on the Sabre Voice Website at the main menu bar titled “Ask Sam.” Once clicking on that tab, you will be directed to the exact spot where you can ask any question your heart desires. Be advised that we may not be able to answer all questions and will not answer any inappropriate questions. One question will be answered each week.

All questions asked will remain anonymous as well as the writer that answers back. Keep an eye out for “Ask Sam” questions to be answered in the new and improved print edition of the Sabre Voice coming May 10th

If anyone has concerns about submitting a question, remember that the Sabre Voice is a student-run newspaper that will not see any of the names of those who do submit a question. This is simply a way to reach out to all Marian University students that may want to remain anonymous. 

If there are any problems reaching the link, here it is again: