Club Spotlight: Business Club


Gracie Thies, Editor

The Marian University Business Club is known for the great trips it takes throughout the school year. Many students continue to miss out on the unique experiences offered. The main mission of Business Club is to create great opportunities for business majors at Marian University and offer resources that will make students successful. The club is also a great resume filler.  

The President of the Business Club is Senior Marly Thao and the Advisor being Professor Jessica Little. Eric Warnke is the Vice President, Katrina Freund is Secretary, and Gracie Thies is the Marketing Executive. This past year the club planned a few events one being to Chicago. The club also hosts numerous events around campus. There was tie dying, a networking event, resume workshop, and the end of the year party collaborated with other clubs. 

“We usually get a pretty good turnout at most events, but I wish more students were motivated to try new clubs like the Business Club,” said Thao. “We have plenty to offer for all business students and I want students to know that the trips we go on are pretty cool.  

Last year one of the trips was to the Miller Park, where students had the opportunity to network and get a unique perspective of what it’s like to work for a professional sports team. Sophomore Gracie Thies will be taking over next year as President and hopes to promote the club by planning unique events like going to a Milwaukee Bucks game. There is much more to come from the Business Club so keep an eye out on social media and flyers around campus.