Marian’s “Hot Girl Summer”


The newly renovated Sadoff Gymnasium floor.

Brenda Ordoñez, Reporter

What was once a campus with a dusty gym floor, outdated dormitories, dim lighting and a barely audible sound system, is now a campus with a D1 gym floor, housing fit for royalty, lighting that always feels like it’s golden hour, and of course, a killer sound system ready to raise the roof – with education. We call this upgrade Marian’s “hot girl summer.”

Like every glo-up, it doesn’t happen overnight. It took time, planning and accountability. Very subtly, and with the help of the Sisters of St. Agnes, Project Manager Kate Candee, maintenance, and even some Sabres, Marian was prepared to embark on the road to its very own “hot girl summer.”

Updated chairs and tables within the Stayer Center and the Hornung Student Center dining hall.

 Realizing that voices were fighting to be heard, eardrums were straining to listen, and the 18-year-old decor was past expiration, Marian knew it had found its first task, the Stayer Center. While everyone was having fun on spring break trips, Marian was putting in work upgrading and furnishing its building to become better, and better it became. The Stayer Center’s audio-visual experience is truly out of this world, with bigger screens, brighter lamps, and even improved speakers for assisted-listening devices. But Marian didn’t stop there, it went the extra mile and replaced all chairs and tables – which you can also find in the HSC to “enhance students dining experience,” says Kate Candee. Its first task was complete, voices were no longer silenced, eardrums unstrained, and the fresh look of the new furniture was inviting.  Marian felt on top of the world seeing what it had accomplished, fueling it to take on its next task, the Sadoff Gymnasium. 

Tired of not giving its talented athletes a gym they deserved and conscious that in a years’ time the NCAA guidelines are requiring all men’s basketball courts to have their 3-point line moved to 22’1’1 ¾, away from the basket instead of 20’9, Marian knew it was time to take action and get a new gym floor. This task proved to be challenging from the start. Graduation was right around the corner, and soon after Marian was hosting 400 sisters for their CSA days, plus mother nature also didn’t help with poor weather not suitable for the curation of the floor.

In lieu of these challenges, though, Marian was luckily able to find a two-week opening with perfect weather to get the job done. Two weeks, that’s all they had – and that’s all it took – to complete the new Sadoff Gymnasium floor. This gym not only adheres to the NCAA guidelines, but also to the standards of all Marian athletes.  And if you don’t believe me, believe Kate Candee as she is “confident that all spectators and athletes will be pleased.” 

Although Marian had accumulated a great amount of confidence after the floor upgrade, its third task seemed more daunting. It was far more intensive than one gym floor, and a sound system with new furniture. This time Marian would tackle renovating Townhouses, Courtyards, and Cedar Creek with new carpeting, hardwood flooring, lighting, windows, doors, furnaces, and air conditioning! It was clear this project would require more than two weeks, and a couple of hands. So, with the help of maintenance and a team of dedicated Sabres, Marian was able to proceed.

Windows are brand new, doors are now ADA compliant, the hardwood flooring is impeccable and during these hot summer days the new ventilation system is refreshing. But wait, there’s still more! Marian also installed new LED lights in Townhouses and along the campus. These lights are more efficient, longer lasting and eco-friendly. While work on this project is still underway, each day proves more exciting than the last and everyone on Marian’s campus is enjoying every second of it. 

Marian University, a campus that was outdated, averagely furnished, and especially less than modern, has worked hard to reach its goals and become a trend-setting campus that can’t wait for the Marian community to return and share in its successes. However, with no intention of ending its “hot girl summer” once summer is over, Marian has set more projects to be done in the fall, like the reparation of the parking lots in Townhouses and Courtyards in August. Marian is running on a full tank of motivation and is eager to see what’s in store for the future of its campus, as the possibilities seem endless! 

Marian University and its entire community would like to thank the Sisters of St. Agnes for their generous contributions, making these transformations possible, and all those who have helped put it together. Thank you.