Netflix and Chill All Summer Long: What to Watch


Gregory Robinson, Reporter

Although a lot of us would much rather be going on exciting trips and hanging out with some friends this summer, we all know that many of us have spent most of our time binge-watching shows on Netflix. So, here are some favorites from your fellow Marian University students – take a look to see if your favorite series made the cut, or if you have some new shows to add to your list!

Here’s your summer hot list:  

Stranger Things – This hit Netflix series just released its third season. The series explains the government’s odd testing on a child known as “Eleven,” who has the power to control things with her mind. It follows a band of three other teenagers as they join Eleven in an adventure to tame the Underground and fend off its evil.

Grey’s Anatomy – An ABC show that seems to have endless seasons and makes us realize how hard nursing majors really have it. This hit television series demonstrates what it is like to become a doctor, along with various love interests, drama-filled scenes, and tear-jerking plot twists. Through the eyes of Meredith Grey, an up-and-coming surgeon, this series is sure to pull you in as soon as you see the title screen’s Seattle skyline.

Dynasty – A CW show about a rich family trying to save their business all while trying to create their own, new dynasty. But with every advantage, there is always some sort of setback the family faces that proves it is more difficult to create their new name without someone else reminding them of who they used to be – and really are.

Riverdale – This television show is a drama about a group of four main teenagers – Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead – as they deal with the issues within their town while trying to maintain their lives as “normal” teenagers. Based on the Archie Comics, this series is full of love, mystery, death, and more, and this band of teenagers is caught in the middle of Riverdale’s most sinister secrets.

Friends – This throwback classic not only makes you wish you were in the show, living in New York with the rest of the characters, but also teaches you some valuable life lessons – like how too much pizza is never enough pizza, according to Joey.

The Office – A classic comedy about what it’s like to work in the super professional, organized, world-renowned office of the Dunder Mifflin paper company. 

Black Mirror – This show provides an outlook of what our lives may be like in the future, where technology may essentially be the death of the human race, or at least our sanity. Morbid and disturbing, yet comedic and light-hearted at times, this series’ episodes depict a range of futuristic scenarios and worlds. While the episodes are not directly connected, there are easter eggs galore, so pay close attention – especially to the headlines at the bottom of the news screens.

The Originals – This CW show is about a family of vampires who are the first original vampires in America that were created by their witch mother, and were given immortality. Full of suspenseful twists and turns, this series is for you grown up Twilight fans. And if that doesn’t interest you already, one of the vampire brothers has a different father and is half werewolf, half vampire. What else could you ask for?

The Flash – A superhero who was struck by lightning and given the power of super speed. He now uses his powers with the help of his sidekick to save Central City from the danger that comes its way.  

Trinkets – This new Netflix series is about a group of girls who meet at an anonymous meeting for shoplifters. An unlikely trio forms, and the series follows their challenges, triumphs, love interests, stolen objects, and much more.

When They See Us – A story about false accusations against five teens who were brutalized and lied to by the New York Police Department, forced to confess to the rape and assault of a woman jogging in the park. It’s a limited series on Netflix that shows the individual stories of those five young boys from their point of view as they try to clear their names.

These are just a few of the top suggestions for Netflix shows this summer. So, what will you binge next?