What the flock? There are flamingos in Wisconsin!


Introduction to Public Relations students (from left) Emma Lewandowski, Natalie Bilyk, Valeria Orozco, and Alyssa Fredock at Forward Madison FC’s home field.

Lexi MacDonald, Writer

Have you heard the news? There is a flock of flamingos in Wisconsin and they’re not at the zoo! What are the odds of finding the warm weather-loving bird in WI? The USL soccer team, Forward Madison FC, has brought the “mingos” to Wisconsin, and the flock is growing. 

On September 26th, 2019, The Introduction to Public Relations class had the pleasure of taking a trip to Forward Madison FC to meet with a few crucial members of the flock who work behind the scenes and make the team function. 

Valeria Orozco, a junior and a member of the Introduction to Public Relations class, said, “The field trip offered me great exposure to the field that I hope to one day work in.” Like many students in the class, this could be a possible career path for Orozco.  

Orozco also shared, “It’s so cool to be out of the classroom, but still learning about the field in the most real way possible.” Who wouldn’t want to be out of the classroom and spend the day learning about an incredible soccer team? 

The Intro to Public Relations class with (from left) Chase Eagan (Head of Merchandise), Jason Klein (Content Manager), and Kuba Krzyzostaniak (Director of Fan Engagement and Digital Media).

Since the beginning of the team in 2018Forward Madison FC has been a lively team that encompasses the passion for the game and the spirit of the city. The team has an excellent presence that attracts soccer fans and those who maybe don’t love the sport, but want the game-day experience.  

Forward has a free-spirited, exciting, and lively nature that also gives them a great reputation on social media. This same vibe holds true for the representatives the class had the joy of meeting with. While the players are the face of Forward FC, there is a group that works behind the scenes to make Forward Madison who they are.  

The class met with Kuba Krzyzostaniak (Director of Fan Engagement and Digital Media), and Marian University alumni Chase Eagan (Head of Merchandise), and Jason Klein (Content Manager).  Each one of them play a crucial role in the exposure and reputation of the team.  

Each person has a unique background as to how they got to where they are today, and each offered advice to the class. They shared the importance of networking and the pertinence of staying current with trends and media. The world of media is always changing, and as Forward’s main form of PR, it is crucial for the team to stay up on the trends. 

Forward Madison’s season may be coming to a close, but this team plans to stay anything but quiet. Keep your eyes open for the “mingos” and consider joining this vibrant flock! #FullMingo