Fall fun & Sabre spooks


Lexi MacDonald and Jazmyne Thomson

Pumpkin patches and haunted houses, oh my! As fall enthusiasts, we set out to find the best fall activities near Fondy area, let’s jump on in. 

The first stop on this tour was on October 13thby Marian University’s Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC) when they took a trip to Polly’s Pumpkin Patch located in Chilton, WI.  

Though the gift shop was cozy, warm, and smelled like grandma’s homemade apple pie, the OAC was more interested in something else… Something muddy, snowy, cold, and brutal- the corn maze. The fifteen-acre maze consists of one large maze and one small maze typically for children.  

The large maze has eighteen checkpoints throughout the field to help guide its victims through. Before we began the treacherous endeavor, each person was given a card that had an image of the maze, an area for hole punching, and an emergency number in case someone finds themselves stuck in the depths of the corn.  

Trudging through the mud and snow, after taking many wrong turns, it took roughly two hours to reach the halfway mark. At this halfway point, adventurers can find a snack hut, photo opportunities, their eighth hole punch, and an optional early exit (which I will confess I took full advantage of).  

The OAC took on this challenge in the daylight, but those brave enough have the option to face the maze in the dark as well.  

For any person 13 years or older, the maze costs eight dollars during the day and nine dollars during the night. For anyone who is looking for a new, exciting challenge, head on over to Polly’s Pumpkin Patch either this fall or next to see if you’ll rise to the challenge of the corn maze or slip in the mud.  

The next stop is The Little Farmer, a pumpkin patch about five of your favorite songs away from campus, is a fall favorite! From the gooey caramel apples, hungry goats, corn maze, and of course pumpkins, The Little Farmer is a location that should not be missed! 

The women’s soccer team visits The Little Farmer and picks some pumpkins to get into the fall spirit.

Marian’s very own women’s soccer team took a trip to the patch and had nothing but stellar reviews. Tracianne Jegla, a junior on the team, said, “Little Farmer was a great way to bond with my teammates and a great time in general.” 

When asked what her favorite part was, she said, “The goats were so cute, and it really got me in the fall spirit.”  

The Little Farmer is the spot you want to hit before it closes for the year on December first! 

Who isn’t looking for a big of a fright during spooky season? The last stop on this fall tour was Burial Chambers in Neenah, WI. It may be half an hour away from Marian, but it was well worth it.  

Burial Chambers is home to three haunted attractions and is known for being the largest haunted house complex in Wisconsin.  

With many options for scares, Burial Chambers enraptured the true Halloween spirit with the jump scares and freaky costumes 

It was by far one of the scariest experiences I have ever faced, and the attraction “Insanity” gave me quite a spook! 

Attending Burial Chambers is a great opportunity to get in your yearly scares all in one place 

These are a few of the Fall favorites that are Sabre tested and Sabre approved!