Professor rants Part 3: Klein and the case of the idiotic driver 

Professor rants Part 3: Klein and the case of the idiotic driver 

Jazmyne Thomson, Writer

In this world, there are many wonderful things. There are flowers, freshly baked cookies, afternoon naps – and of course, the one and only Mary Klein. You probably know her from either taking her COM 100/101 class, or for her iconic curly, bright red hair. Though she has been a trained arguer since her college debate team, anyone who knows Dr. Klein is familiar with her bubbly personality and sarcastic humor. And especially as the first woman professor to be featured in this article series, who would be better than Dr. Klein? 

Every weekday, Dr. Klein commutes from Cleveland, Wisconsin to Fond du Lac. She drives down the same Highway 43 and then hops onto Highway 23 until she comes into Fond du Lac, a typically normal drive. One morning, though, she saw something she had never seen before; more specifically, “A dude in a little, silver Hyundai with antlers attached to the side of his car.”  

She went on to explain that from Plymouth to Fond du Lac, she drives through a messy construction zone. She was driving a few cars behind the little, silver Hyundai with antlers, and noticed how closely that car was riding the car’s bumper in front of him. She said there have been many deaths and accidents along this route, since there are very few areas to pass other vehicles. Surely, many people would also be frustrated when they are driving in this construction, and see that, “…The guy with the antlers [was] flying to get in the backseat of the guy in front of him.” 

She described how the antlers on this car were flapping the whole way from Plymouth to Fond du lac, which Dr. Klein found to be very comical. “Do you know how stupid you are?!” said Dr. Klein. She said there were a few opportunities for the car with the antlers to pass the car in front of it, but instead, chose to continue riding its bumper. She explained that she even contemplated taking down his license plate number and making a phone call to the police.  

Eventually, the car being closely followed by the antler car turned off, which opened the opportunity for the antler car to speed off ahead. As this car sped ahead, it met up with a long line of cars that it, again, decided to drive very closely to. 

Once Dr. Klein reached a hill closer to Fond du Lac, the highway turned back into four lanes. The car with the antlers zipped through several lanes of traffic, got stuck, and ended up about eight cars behind Dr. Klein in a different lane“Despite the fact that he tried really, really hard to get in front of everybody, riding somebody’s bumper…” Hah! 

Dr. Klein said that when someone is riding her rearend on the road, she likes to give them a little brake check. Dr. Klein concluded by saying, “So there’s my rant… People who drive like idiots.”