Moving on from Valentine’s Day mishaps


Scott Hansen expressing his love for his yellow Camaro.

Brenda Ordonez, Writer

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and whether you’re single or taken, many still dread its coming. But why? 

After asking members of the Marian community about their Valentine’s Day experiences, several suppressed memories of horrific Valentine’s Day events re-surfaced, making it clear why this day may not be one that people look forward to. 

The arrival of February 14 takes Marian University’s Content Writer, Scott Hansen, back to college when his thengirlfriend cussed him out in the Texas Roadhouse waiting room. Simply because he forgot to make a reservation on the second busiest day of the year for restaurants. 

She didn’t really like that I just laughed at her that she was mad about this, becausewhat’s the big deal? And so, we waited an hour and then had the best meal.” However, shortly after they ended their relationship. Who knows how long they would have lasted had the reservations been made. 

Another horrific Valentine’s Day memory that surfaced came from freshman, Ryan BooseBoose recalls being 11 years old and celebrating Valentine’s Day with his pet goldfish. However, the lovely day took a turn for the worst when he realized his goldfish had run out of food. So, with his goldfish’s nutrition in mind, Boose acted and did the only thing he could: “I mashed up crackers and fed it to my fish so he would have food.”  

Though to Boose’s dismay, and lack of knowledge that fish can’t eat crackers, the fish passed away shortly afterBoose still blames himself for killing his goldfish and is reminded of that tragic accident every Valentine’s Day. 

Hearing those stories of heartbreak and loss during this special day,” it’s no mystery why it doesn’t have people welcoming it with open arms. But maybe it should. 

As traumatic as these Valentine’s Day experiences have been, they may have been the gateway for something better.  

Sure, Scott Hansen may have not found the love of his life in Texas Roadhouse, but he did find it years later in a car dealership in Ohio when he purchased a 2010 Bumblebee Edition Chevrolet yellow Camaro. Perhaps if Scott were to have stayed in that relationship he would not be driving a luxurious car today. 

As for Ryan Boose, yes, he may have unintentionally killed his goldfish, but now he has gained the knowledge of how to properly care for his animals while also having more time to focus on playing his favorite sport, hockey. 

So, if you’re like these two men and have a reason to hate Valentines Day, try reflecting on it and see if there may have been some good that came from the awful experience. 

If you do find yourself in the spirit of celebrating Valentines Day, join Marian’s Communication Association in the Breezeway at 12 p.m. on Friday, February 14th, and buy yourself, friend, or loved one a carnation to spread the love!