Honoring Marian’s inspirational women on campus: Kate Candee


Greg Robinson, Writer

In honor of Women’s History Month (March 1  –  31), the Sabre Voice has decided to honor influential women on Marian’s campus. The first honoree to kick off the month is KateCandee, who currently serves as the Vice President of Student Engagement here at Marian.

In her 29 years here at Marian, Candee has been involved in a range of titles and departments, including: Coordinator of Program Services in the Marian Adult Accelerated Programs; Executive Director of the Office of Learning, Engagement, and Retention; Principal Investigator/Project Director for the Department of Education Title IX grant; Director of the Sport and Recreation Management program with the Business Division; Special Assistant to the President for Fitness and Wellness; and Assistant Director of the Student Support Center with the Community Involvement Program, Co-op Internship Program, and Career Services. If that isn’t enough, Candee is a proud Associate with the Congregation of Sister of  St. Agnes.

Candee earned her undergraduate degree in political science which she received from UW-Oshkosh, but then decided that she wanted to become a social studies teacher. After that, she decided to get her master’s degree, and then worked with a Psychology professor at UW-Oshkosh as an intern and realized that she loved working in higher education.

Candee then went on to work for Nielsen Research for six years as a supervisor, then was informed by a co-worker that Marian University was looking for a coordinator. She then worked in that position for one to two years and became an Advisor for Business and Sports and Recreational Management. Candee then went on to help create a business plan that helped Marian University get one of their largest grants of 1.2 million, which helped create the First-Year Studies Program and advanced technology in the classroom. She said  she stayed at Marian because she felt “that the connection is more personal with the students  and that being in a bigger school would take that away from me.”

Candee offers a sense of humor, as well as making sure that every person feels important. She is willing to give her all for the students, and introduces herself to everyone, showing that she is more open and willing to have conversations with students about anything and everything.  

With her kind and loving spirit, Candee is always willing to devote her time to any task or need she sees on campus. She is someone who exerts a passion for what she is doing and is willing to help even in minor situations. For example, in the Sodexo catering department at the end of every shift, student workers remove dishes, food, table cloths, and napkins then clean off tables in the Hornung Student Center cafeteria. After one of the larger events that was held here, Candee took off her jacket, rolled up her sleeves, and took dishes to the back, removed table cloths, wiped down tables afterward. Even when students continued to tell her that she didn’t need to do this, she insisted that she would stay and help. It showed her true character and the appreciation she has for her students, as well as her willingness to help them.

Candee is a great asset to Marian University by providing wisdom, a sense of humor, and is extremely personable with everyone she interacts with. Being able to speak with her directly and having an interview felt more like a conversation because she was very relatable and easy to talk too. Candee opened up about her family and was willing to address any question that was given to her.

Overall, she helps Marian function by simply being who she is. Addressing situations, listening to the perspectives of the students, providing opportunities for individuals to grow, and maintaining a connection not only with the staff in the organization but the students as well has all left a positive impact on the campus environment. 

She is a leader who uses all that she has accomplished to push her toward bettering Marian, and laying the foundation for a bright future for students, faculty, and staff. Candee is an inspirational woman on campus, and is always looking to push students to be their best selves while encouraging them to see strive for greatness.