Quarantine and chill: what to watch on Netflix


Martin Vu, Writer, Editor

In the midst of all the negative and unfortunate news, it is good to get away from it for a bitA little time to breathe, relax, and get one’s mind off things is important. Most campuses have extended their spring break and classes will be moved online. This means there is more time to sit around and binge-watch a new show or check out a newly released movie, so here is a diverse list of shows and movies to ease the tension a little. 

Spenser Confidential

Craving an action-packed movie? Well, Spenser Confidential is filled with action and adventure. The movie follows Spencer, played by Mark Wahlberg, a former detective. He decides to investigate one more murder case. 


All the Bright Places 

For the book lovers, this is a romantic, emotional, and bittersweet story. All the Bright Places tells the tale of two individuals who have been through extremely tough times. Their emotional scars are slowly healed as they spend more time together. Please note, this movie includes aspects of suicide and self-harm. 



On My Block

With the release of season three, On My Block has received tons of positive reactions. This show demonstrates the influence that crime and brutality have on teenagers in rougher neighborhoods. A simple story about teenagers in high school becomes an extravagant story about modern problems. 



Want something a little different? Haikyu!! is exactly that. As the fourth season is slowly progressing, catching up on the first three seasons would be beneficial. This animated series follows a high school boy, Shoyo Hinata, as he joins the volleyball team. Karasuno, his high school, was once well-respected champions. Hinata wants to reclaim the title and make Karasuno powerful again. 


Itaewon Class

A suspenseful and amazing show that is new on Netflix. This Korean drama follows Park Saeroy, an ex-convict, as he returns to his hometown. Saeroy and his friends work hard to make their small street bar a success. In addition, this show leans towards a redemption and vengeance series. Saeroy seeks to take down a greedy and powerful company. This show also touches on many problems that linger within society such as racism and corruption. 


Locke and Key 

A unique take on supernatural powers, Locke and Key focuses on three siblings that move into a new home. After witnessing their father’s murder, the siblings cope in different ways in a new town. They slowly find powerful keys in their home. Each key provides a different power and experience, allowing the three siblings to discover secrets about themselves.