A modern-day (Tinder) love story

A modern-day (Tinder) love story


Left swipe, right swipe, left, left, alright screw it, right swipe, right, right, right, right. Shit. Come back in twelve hours. Guess Ill check Bumble. Alright! I got a match! Her name is Holly. Lets take a look at her. Dark hair, seems fit, sweet she plays soccer for a school close by AND she likes a combination of Netflix and going to the club?! My God… I think I love her. I hope she messages me.  

23 hours later: She still hasn’t messaged me! Good thing I saved my Daily Extend.  

10:33 PM that night:  

Holly: Are you Google? You have everything I’m searching for! 

Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. Hmmm.

Me: When I Google your name, “Holly and Devin,” appears in my suggestions. 

Yes, that was smooth! 

Holly: Guess we better take the hint!  

Me: I better get your snap then!  

Holly and I have been snapping for a week now! We have a 7day streak and she is climbing to the top of my best friend list. She is great. So funny and she can keep a joke going. I’m asking her out. I swear I’m doing it.  

I’ll send her this fire dog filter selfie with the caption, “We should FaceTime tn.” We are for sure going to FaceTime. I love her.  

Hmm. It has been a few hours without a response. Let me check Snapchat to see what’s up. WHAT!? She left me on read for 3 hours? Maybe she’s busy.  

Okay! Not cool we lost our streak. Holly why are you breaking my heart?!  

I don’t think I’ll ever find love again… Left swipe, left swipe, left swipe, right swipe, right, right, left, right. Oh, look a match!