A modern love story, part 2: the truth



“Grandpa! Grandpa! You have to tell us how you and nanna first met!” exclaimed Sally.

“Yeah Dad, I always loved the story about how you and Mom met at the bar. That night sounded incredible.” Becky chimed in.

“Alright! Fine, I’ll tell you the story.” Devin gave in and locked eyes with his wife of 40 years. They exchanged a look like they were about to drop a truth bomb before Devin looked back at his daughter Becky and granddaughter Sally. “So… I think it’s time your mother and I told you the real story of how we met…”  

It was early 2020 and I had fallen in love with a beautiful soccer player. Things were going great until the sickness. The coronavirus spread all over the world and we had to stay inside and quarantine. As the quarantine got longer my love’s Snapchat messages got shorter, until I lost all contact with my love. The flame was put out and I was crushed. The fire in my heart was all but burned out. All that was left were embers. I knew that I could get my fire raging again, all I had to do was find the right match. I started my search immediately. I tried every match I could find. There were so many swipes but not a single match. I had tried all of the matches that were near me. I needed to expand my search. The expansion helped. I found a few matches that held their flame longer than all the others, but still none of them stayed lit. 

“After all of this searching, I was starting to lose steam. I only had a few coals left and I needed to find the match that could save my fire. I expanded my search yet again and this time I found a whole new matchbox. After furiously swiping dud after dud, one of the matches lit. Then it stayed lit. That match was Carol. We started as pen pals writing to each other all day every day. See, we couldn’t see each other because we were afraid to get the sickness, but our conversations kept getting better. Deep down I knew that Carol was the one. We wrote back and forth until the end of the quarantine. When the quarantine was over we met up at a local coffee shop. Although it was the first time I saw Carol in person, it felt like we had known each other for years. And that is how I met your mother.” 

Devin stopped and looked at Becky. Becky’s eyes were wide open and her jaw had dropped. All she could say was, “Oh my God Dad! You met mom on Tinder?!”