Your vote, your Student Senate

Your vote, your Student Senate

Jazmyne Thomson, Writer

As you may have heard, the Student Senate election for Marian is right around the corner – four days to be exact! Hopeful candidates for Student Senate had to have their applications turned in by April 20th and campaigning will soon begin, followed by voting, and the final elections.

The main duty of Student Senate members is to be the student voice for the entire Marian community. Class Senators bring discussion topics/input from the student body to be discussed at Assembly meetings. They are responsible for attending and engaging at all meetings and reporting information back to the student body. Class Senators must also host one open forum each semester for members of the student body to attend. Each Class Senator earns a $1,000 stipend for the academic year for their services. 

All members of the E-Board receive a $1,500 stipend for the academic year and their services. Below are each of the following E-Board positions held in Student Senate: 

  • The President oversees running all assembly and executive board meetings, organizing actions taken by Student Senate members, and acting as the chair for Campus Services and Facilities Committee.  
  • The Vice President plans student engagement weeks (for example #SabresEndTheStigma), educates other members on Robert’s Rules of Order, and chairs the Student Engagement and Outreach Committee.  
  • The Secretary holds the role of creating and distributing Assembly meeting agendas as well as recording the minutes for all Assembly meetings. The Secretary also chairs the Marketing Committee and External Affairs.  
  • The elected Student Senate Treasurer will be responsible for all financial matters of Student Senate. The Treasurer also will create Senate finance policies, establish a budget for the entire Senate, and chair the Finance Committee. 

Now that you know the amount of work that each member of Student Senate puts into their job, there should be no question that applicants must be hard-working. Student Senate members must be willing to put in the extra hours in order to fully voice the Marian student bodyDirector of Student Involvement, Penny Reis, even says, “there is a GPA and disciplinary check that needs to take place prior to someone being able to officially run.”  

Although the requirements to become a Student Senate member are strict, the role is very fulfilling. Previous Student Senate Class Representative and junior Josie Theys says, “I really enjoyed my time on senate last year and Im hoping to be a part of it next year and have the same experience. It was really fun and satisfying to help enact change on campus.” 

Previous President, Brock Weston, also expresses his excitement about Student Senate when he says, “My favorite part about being a member of Student Senate is the people. Our team is amazing and I love being able to work with them and go beyond our team to interact with so many different people on campus: peers, faculty, staff, administrators, and people visiting Marian with hopes of attending. It is amazing to hear the ideas they have to make Marian the best community for our students.” 

Voting for members of Student Senate will take place April 24th-28th via Microsoft forms that will be sent out in a mass e-mail to all students. Weston encourages all students to place their vote during this time. Now that you know the importance of Student Senate and its functions, you can make a knowledgeable decision to vote for who you want to represent you. Happy voting and good luck to all applicants!