Senior spotlight showcases Peter Laning, Alonna Heller, and Bradey Resulta


Emma Lewandowski, Co-Editor in Chief

Graduating college is meant to be one of the most exciting, rewarding events a student can experience after years of hard work, sleepless nights studying, and hours in the classroom. With the current pandemic crisis we are in, though, this experience is taken from deserving students, and we must turn to other modes of recognizing these individuals.

Because of this, all of us at the Sabre Voice would like to showcase some of these seniors that have impacted Marian University in ways that will leave lasting legacies for years to come.

Our first seniors in the spotlight are none other than three creative and intelligent students, Peter Laning, Alonna Heller, and Bradey Resulta. All three have been key components not only on the Sabre Voice in contributing meaningful content, but all around campus (and even in another country for two of them!).

The mountains in Poland are the most stunning place I have ever been.


 1. Peter Laning, History Major & Theology Minor

“My absolute best experience at Marian was being afforded the opportunity to travel to Poland after the spring semester of 2019.  As a history major, this experience was beyond my wildest dreams.  If I had to choose anything else, it would be all my adventures with the Outdoor Adventure Club and being able to write for the Sabre Voice.  After graduation, I plan on looking for jobs with the National Park Service.  There aren’t many parks in Wisconsin, so traveling away from home is a must if I do find myself employed with NPS.  However, if that doesn’t work out, I’d be pretty ok with finding a secluded place in the woods and settling down to write.  Who knows where that could take me.”


November 2019 at the Colosseum in Rome.

2. Alonna Heller, Graphic Arts, Marketing, Public Relations Major & Studio Art Minor

“Marian has afforded me the opportunity to grow in knowledge, creativity, passion, and into the most authentic version of myself. While studying at Marian I have made friends in my classes, but also in my professors. My time here was filled with countless laughs, and endless embarrassing stories. Although I have done many things in the last four years, my favorite was traveling Europe, and living with an Italian family while studying abroad.

After graduation I plan to pursue happiness and a life of creativity. I will be focusing on growing my freelance business and traveling, until the right “big girl job” comes along, or maybe not. Follow me @alonnaheller on Facebook and Instagram.”


3. Bradey Resulta, Writing Major & Culture, Media, Gender Studies Minor

My dad and I at my first day of freshman orientation. Looking back, it’s amazing to see how much I’ve grown since then.

“Marian has helped me capitalize and indulge in my passions and talents. Between having work accepted to Sigma Tau Delta’s international conference, being able to partake in live readings at Thelma, and sending work out for publication, Marian’s faculty never failed to push me to my limits and promote my growth while recognizing my potential. As for my post-graduation plan, I am leaning towards earning my Masters in Sociolinguistics. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this yet, although I have some ideas. Toni Morrison wrote, in Song of Solomon, ‘If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it.’ So, while my chapter at Marian closes, and I’m not sure where life is headed… I am confident that I will live a fulfilling life because Marian has given me the aerodynamics needed to move with the air, wherever it takes me.”