A (healthy) solution to the quarantine blues

A (healthy) solution to the quarantine blues

Gracie Thies, Co-Editor in Chief

Quarantine has gotten longer and more boring as the weeks go by, but there is a solution to the boredom. Now that gyms are closed, social distancing rules are enforced, and masks are required if there is a need to go out in public, working out in the comfort of your home is a great (and the only) option. 

Since the majority of people are working from home or unemployed at the moment, there are very affordable fitness apps and workout subscriptions that are offering free workouts and memberships.  

Centr is a celebrity fitness app offering new workouts and training for free for the next six weeks. Another is Gymshark, a UK-activewear brand that has a conditioning app with one to five-day workout plans. It’s available for free for the foreseeable future.

 “I started to look for some affordable options that I could use to workout within my apartment and I didn’t realize there were so many,” said Lauren Page. “Gymshark is pretty good and it’s a brand I was familiar with already.” 

Another viable option that might make some people chuckle is TikTok. Although it’s main use is to let people share their experiences in a fun and creative way, some users make short circuits that are easy to follow. Follow @Defining.Fitness, @alannaharriss, and @jordyntrenhom for all your at-home personal trainer needs. 

“I’ve been wanting to try working out at home because having a gym membership is a little expensive and right now is the perfect time,” said Kate Dombrowski. “I recommend it for the time being since not many of us have that much to do at the moment.” 

There are plenty of other options available other than the workout apps mentioned and more than enough time to get into shape for the summer. Although it takes a lot of motivation, it’s worth a try, right?