Why Marian should provide students a 10% tuition discount

Why Marian should provide students a 10% tuition discount

Cassidy Heitter

Marian is offering a 10% discount to summer students who wish to make up for any lost time or get ahead in their educational journey, and traditional students no longer need permission to take them. We all received this email on April 17. But, why isn’t our school offering the students who signed up for classes to be taught in person and due to COVID-19 can no longer attend, a refund on this semester’s tuition? We are paying for tuition to be taught in person, which is no longer an option, so why are we still being required to pay full price?  

According to Marian University’s website, “Students at Marian University partake in multiple cooperative, hands-on learning experiences that allow for integrated classroom theory and practical work experience.” We are paying for this practical work experience, and we are not getting it. Losing this training and these opportunities is detrimental to our learning and irreplaceable for graduates

A few interesting facts, A Brookings Institution report found that, “students taking online courses perform substantially worse than students in traditional in-person courses and that experience in these online courses impacts performance in future classes and likelihood of dropping out of college as well.”

It also states, “Student drop-out rates are increasingly higher in online courses.” While students were forced out of their on-campus housing, they were also forced to move back into their family homes and continue online schooling. Many students find it harder to adjust to online school while being at home with siblings, and household distractions.  Overall, online courses are not suitable for all students.

Being in class, students have access to their classmates, learning centers, professor’s office hours, and tutors. These resources guide, clarify, and reinforce the material. Included in our tuition normally would be our health services, tutor services, library access, and gym access. Some of these services are trying their best to adjust to the pandemic while others are completely off limits to students.

For example, the library, which gives students access to books and quiet space, is closed. The gym, which offers students access to athletic training, open gym times, intramural sports, and gym workout equipment, is not open either. On-campus student employment is no longer being offered, and students who depended on that pay are now facing financial hardships and will continue to face these hardships until the pandemic is resolved and the school is back to “normal.”  

Zoom University is not worth $30,000 a year. We pay thousands of dollars to live here and go to school here, which is why our school should understand and consider how students may be feeling and offer some sort of financial support. We are not receiving what was offered by our school initially, we are missing out on several activities on campus, and learning styles are not being met when forced online, but we are still being required to pay full price.

Don’t we at least deserve some acknowledgment of this situation? I am grateful for our school to be doing what it can to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but when doing this, it’s important to understand that you are affecting your students as well.  

So for those students who have particular learning styles that aren’t being adjusted to, those who were employed on campus and now have financial hardships, and those who are feeling very alone right now in this situation, I hope you know that I am acknowledging your struggles and I applaud you for continuing to better yourself and trying to make the best of the situation when our school has not. 

For those of you who have been or know someone who’s health has been affected by this virus, my heart goes out to you. While I appreciate our faculty and staff working hard to adjust to the pandemic, I would still appreciate some acknowledgment of the hardships we as students have had to endure financially. If there is anything I can do to support the school in finding a solution to this problem, I am more than happy to help.  

Despite this, we must all keep positivity in the midst of this crisis. There are a lot of negative things going on in our world today but that does not mean that you or your education are not still important. Through our core values, we can work to create individual and societal change, which supports the value, dignity, and opportunity of every person. Stay healthy and safe.