Septemberfest: Milwaukee’s plan for Summerfest post COVID-19


Logan Burge, Writer, Editor

The city of Milwaukee draws music fans from all over the world each year in late June and early July for its annual Summerfest, an 11-day festival filled with food, rides, and a variety of musical acts. 718,144 individuals attended the 2019 festival despite four out of the 11 days being filled with rain and thunderstorms. Of all the events that take place in Milwaukee during the year, Summerfest is one of the biggest.  

Loyal fans look forward to Summerfest announcing their headliners each year as the months of March and April roll around. Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the preventative measures being taken to deal with it, fans got different news this year. Summerfest 2020 would be postponed, for the first timsince it began in 1968. In 2020, Summerfest will take place during September on four separate weekends. From Thursday through Saturday each weekend, Summerfest will be business as usual. The festival planners hope to have just as many musical acts as they usually do and hope to draw in as many attendees as possible. 

While September might not seem like the best month for Milwaukee’s biggest annual festival, it could be a great relief for everyone who had to stay home away from crowds due to the coronavirus. If the proper authorities deem it safe enough for the social distancing measures to be lifted, Milwaukee’s Summerfest could be a great way for individuals in the Midwest to blow off some steam.  

So, keep your fingers crossed music fans, because Summerfest 2020 is going to be one to remember.