A farewell letter from Sabre Voice advisor, Dr. Hernandez


Dr. Hernandez, Advisor

How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

Dear Sabre Voice,  

Thank you for showing up week in and week out to the meetings. For brainstorming story ideas. For writing stories that matter.  

I got to witness a small group of dedicated students go from publishing every other week to publishing stories weekly. I watched the web and social media analytics continue to improve as more people started reading your powerful stories. I soaked in all of the compliments from faculty, staff, and alumni about how great it is to see the Sabre Voice so active. 

I watched you work tirelessly to bring the first print edition to the campus since 2007.  

Those smiles remain vivid in my mind. I can hear the many thank you’ s people told you, but mostly I can still feel the energy on campus the day you all hand-delivered copies across campus. You all made it happen, and I saw each of you that took part in its creation beaming with pride. It was one of the highlights of not only my time at Marian, but my entire career.  

This past year, I’ve seen growth in writers, photographers and other contributors, adding more diversity to the team and stories told. I saw more frequent podcasts, and the addition of a weekly newsletter. These are all projects we talked about in the past. You are not a group that just talks about ideas, you make them happen, even during a pandemic, you continued as determined as ever. 

It was an honor and privilege to serve as your advisor. It is my hope that more people will join the Sabre Voice, that you will continue to tell stories that matter, have a space for students’ voices to be heard, and make a difference on campus. I expect to see a print copy in my mailbox in the fall 🙂 I might be going to one of the best institutions in the world; but you all will be number one in my book.  

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for trusting me, working hard, and having fun with a successful student-led newspaper. 

I would like to give a special thank you to the Sabre Voice leadership team, Emma Lewandowski, Gracie Thies, and Brenda Ordoñez. I’m eternally grateful for your dedication and leadership. And thank you to all who wrote for the Sabre Voice, without writers there are no stories. 



Dr. Hernandez or as many of you like to say “Hernandez” 🙂