Marian University gets crafty

Marian University gets crafty

Whittney Jackson, Writer

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (Sabre Voice) – Marian University is expanding its artistic reach with a donation of more than 400 works of art from the Koehler’s Foundation. 

In the month of July, a Marian group of art professors joined the Kohler Foundation at their warehouse based off an invitation, which reached out to Director of Institutional Partnerships and Community Relations Christine Martin, Senior Vice President of University Relations Dr. George Koonce. 

 Marian University was already excited about the collections they would receive, and they are happy about the gift and what the artwork would do on campus and for the art community, Associate Professor of Graphic Arts Tom Wallestad said in a press release from the university. 

Many of the pieces that will be donated to Marian are from artist Judith Roth who was born in Boston, and works have been displayed across the world, including at the Butler Institute of American Art, Maier Museum of Art, the National Academy of Design, and J. Rosenthal Fine Arts in Chicago. Marian University will receive 395 of her works plus 35 sketchbooks from the Foundation and the Judith Roth Revocable Trust, according to the press release. 

John Colt another artist that is known who’s painting will be present on campusMarian University will receive 32 works from Colt. Colt is a “Madison Native” and has artwork that appeared in art houses all around the world multiple times.  

Another artist by the name of Georg Vihos will have his art presented. Four Giclee prints by Vihos will be on campus. His works has appeared at The Detroit Institute of Arts and the Art Institute in Chicago multiple times. The work that was displayed at those art houses will be a donation to Marian University, according to the press release. 

The paintings will arrive to campus in multiple stages to the university, as some are “undergoing conservation” in Illinois, according to the press release. The painting will be used to help and teach students in many classes. 

 “The works of John Colt and Judith Roth are pictured behind the group; the artwork was donated to Marian University by the Koehler’s Foundation and the Judith Revocable Trust.”