NFL Update: Week 1, 2, and headed into week 3

NFL Update: Week 1, 2, and headed into week 3

Laney Spradlin, Writer

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (Sabre Voice) – Since Covid-19 has hitlots of sports have been cut short of seasons — especially spring ones like baseball and softball. However, this doesn’t matter anymore since its finally fall. That’s right: football season is going strong right now with the NFL having completed two full weeks and is heading onto a third.  

In the first week which took place Sept10 through the 14. Starting with Thursday with the Kanas City Chiefs getting beat by the Texans on their own turf, according to Fox News’ Ryan Gaydos. Patrick Mahomes was unstoppable, having three touchdowns and 211 passing yards on that night 

Just a couple days later, it was Sunday, with division football games all day long. It started off with the Bills at the Jets, which the Bills secured the win 27 to 17. Josh Allen had a good game, passing yards of 312 on two touchdown passes, according to Fox News. 

 The Packers held off the Vikings with a score of 43 to 34. On top of that win, Rodgers threw for 364 yards and had four touchdowns on the day, according to Fox News. The newly named Washington team held the win over the Eagles. It was a tight game with a score of 27 to 17. The Ravens had an even larger win as they beat the Browns 38 to 36. (Gaydos, 2020). Nextthe Ravens had a big win over the Browns with a score of 38 to 6. (Gaydos, 2020). 

It’s not a day of football without an upset and sure enough that’s what the Jaguars did. They upset the Colts with a score of 27 to 20, according to Fox News. (Gaydos, 2020. To follow the upset, there was a tight game between the Raiders and the Panthers which means came down to minutes – the last four minutes to be exact. In that time, the Raiders scored  a touchdown ensuring their 34 to 30 win, according to Fox News. 

The Bears took on the Lions, and while the Bears came out on top, the Lions did have a chance to win the game. The final score was 27 to 23 Bears, according to Fox News. Next the Chargers kept the Bengals in a tight game with Chargers claiming the win by one point. The Cardinals took on the 49ers and the Cardinals to win with a 24 to 20 score. 

Now, you wonder how Brady and the Buccaneers did. Well, they gained their first loss to the Saints. While the Buccaneers lostCam Network led the Patriots to a 21 to11 over the Dolphins, according to Fox News. The Seahawks claimed the win over the Falcons. Finally, we reached Sunday’s game against the Rams and Cowboys. It came down to one touchdown, but the Rams came out on top, according to Fox News. 

In the first week, there were two Monday night games. The first one was the Steelers versus the Giants, which the Steelers won. Week one closed out with the Titans versus the Broncos ending with the coming out on top, according to Fox News. 

Week two provided another good week of football. 

After the first two weeks, these are the standings according to the NFL. Starting with the AFC East, the Bills are in the lead, followed by the Patriots, Jets, and Dolphins. Next the AFC West, the Chief and Raiders are tied, with the Chargers winning one gamand the Broncos losing both. In the AFC North, the Ravens and Steelers are tied, followed by the Browns and Bengals. The AFC South standings have the Titans, the Jaguars, and Colts each winning a game, with the Texans winning none (NFL, 2020). 

Now for the NFC. In the NFC East, Washington and Cowboys are tied as well as the Giants and Eagles. The NFC West is being led by the CardinalsRams and Seahawks, with the 49ers trailing behind. In NFC North, the Packers and Bears are tied, as well as, the Viking and Lions tied. Finally, the NFC South Saints and Buccaneers tied with one win and the Falcons and Panthers with no wins, according to the NFL. (NFL, 2020). 

All this is a good standing going in to week three for the NFL. Just remember its still early so anything can happen. 

Tune in Thursday, Sunday and Monday to catch your favorite team playing!