Athletes and global pandemic: How to stay fit while staying safe

Athletes and global pandemic: How to stay fit while staying safe

Jacob McGhee-Waddy, Writer

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (Sabre Voice) – Have you ever wondered how your favorite athlete or even you are supposed to hold yourselves accountable for workouts and diets as the nation goes through tough times? You’re not alone. Around the globe, athletes have had to find ways to improvise and eat right during the pandemic — including myself. 

 As humans we all face struggles with our diets and eating habits. At some point in our lives we all seem to go on random fad diet that can include cutting out certain food groupsundergoing fasting periods, or juicing everything in sight. However, when the coronavirus pandemic took the world by storm and forced us to quarantine and abide by safety guidelines and restrictions, our diets plummeted. 

Athletes go through many diets as they need specific nutrients to enhance their performance. When the nation was on lockdown, our diet resources — also known as groceries — became very limited as our regular trips to the store seemed almost impossible forcing us to stretch the food we had available.  

Other than the diet, a large part of being an athlete is weightlifting and workouts. As much as weightlifting seems like an over exaggerated topic, when it comes to sports, it is a big part of an athletes life. When gyms began to close, people panicked because their weightlifting program and routine was disrupted. 

 Athletes across all levels saw their daily lives impacted, but it also made room improvisations on how and where they could achieve a grueling workout.  

 Some people took advantage of open spaces within their homes by using turning those areas into home gyms. 

also made use of the open spaces within my own home to add weight training and golf simulator area to keep up with my fitness and athlete status.  

As we gradually return to “normal life”, we can once again focus on our diets and weight training to help us stay fit and healthy.