Marian University takes on eSports


Martin Vu, Editor

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (Sabre Voice) – Online shopping. Online learning. Online everything. Since the start of quarantine, everyday life has shifted online. For a while, sports were forced to be put on pause causing many people to lose their form of entertainment. However, there was one sport that faced little to no constraints during these unprecedented times: eSports. 

 Throughout the summer months while many struggled to keep busy at home, the Marian eSport team had their hands full as they were taking part in multiple tournaments and scrimmages to prepare for their fall season.  

This fall, the team will be competing against multiple universities in many different online games including, Overwatch, League of Legends, and Rocket League.  

Marian alum and head coach of Marian’s eSports team, Danny Duchaj, shares, “With Marian eSports already making its mark on the collegiate scene this summer, the start of the season will be very fun to watch. Our teams are becoming defined and getting together well, so now we just need to take the next step in becoming a dominant force in each league or tournament we play in. I think we have the talent for a program that schools are worried about playing in the coming years!” 

The Overwatch season started Monday, September 28, with the Marian eSports team winning against the University of Jamestown. This week the Overwatch team plays against Bosie State on Monday and Colorado College on Tuesday. In addition, the Rocket League team plays against Mid-America Catholic University and Park University on Tuesday. 

The League of Legends season has reportedly been delayed, but will still happen this fall. 

You can support Marian University and watch the games live on Twitch at