Marian University’s tie-dye event raises voter awareness


Martin Vu, Editor

FOND DU LAC, Wis.  (Sabre Voice) – With elections coming, no one wants to see a tie. The only tie many would like to see is tie-dye, and this past week, there was a tie-dye event on campus. The goal of this event was to promote and encourage students to go vote. Instead of shirts, masks were the items that would be colored.

Student Senate and Marian’s Social Justice Committee offered multiple colors for those who stopped by. 

Although it was a bit chilly, the weather was nice for some outdoor activities. The event was held right outside of the Hornung Student Center, allowing many students to participate right before they grabbed lunch. The goal for this event was 

to help students go out and vote in the upcoming election. Informational cards were given out with each mask. These cards included more information and contact information, allowing students to reach out to a contact that is more informed in case they were unsure what to do. 

November 3 is election day, but students can register and request for their ballot online. In addition, Marian is asking for student drivers to take their peers to the polls. Marian University is spreading awareness and encouraging many students to use their voice to vote.