Post-election week, Marian University attempts to unify students


Brenda Ordoñez, Co-Editor-in-Chief

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (Sabre Voice) – Election Day has come and gone and has inevitably resulted in a winner and a loser. Now, many individuals, regardless of who they favored, are wondering, what now? Where do we go from here? 

“For many, the yearlong election process invokes a very passionate response amongst voters. Their vote becomes very personal and they feel a great win or loss depending on the victor,” shares Director of Student Involvement, Pennie Reis. 

For that reason, through a crosscampus collaboration, Marian University offered its community many different post-election activities aimed to help students cope, deal, and process the results from the controversial 2020 Presidential Election.  

Reis says, After the 2016 and 2018 elections, we saw a greater need for students to process both their feelings and also understanding what was occurring after the election. 

Post-election activities began on Election Day, November 3, with a daily prayer offered at noon in the campus’s quad. The prayer, led by Sister Edie’s crew, invited the community to come together regardless of political affiliation and offer each other strength and unity during these unprecedented times.  

The events continued throughout the week with socially distanced community walks around campus led by President Dr. Michelle Majewski and Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students Kate Candee.  

“This year a group of individuals across campus designed post-election activities with that in mind- to both educate on what happens after an election and also recognize that while we may have different political views and different reactions, each person is a valued member of the Marian community,” explains Reis.