Don’t tweet it, Fleet it

Martin Vu, Co-Editor-in-Chief

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (Sabre Voice) – Attention all Twitter users, did you want to Tweet something or say something but don’t want it to stay on your account forever? Well, with Twitter’s new feature, Fleets, you can temporarily Tweet anything for 24 hours.  

Many immediately compared it to Snapchat and Instagram stories, but what are the main differences and unique features? What makes Fleets stand out? Well, nothing really. Fleets serve the same purpose as an Instagram or Snapchat story. The goal is to share a story, Tweet, video, photo, or anything within Twitter’s terms and rules for 24 hours. Although it is not exceptionally unique, it might have been added for competitive reasons. Twitter now has a feature that Instagram and Snapchat have, and social media apps are always striving to one-up each other.  

This fun new feature allows users to share posts, react to Tweets, create videos, and take pictures using unique backgrounds, fonts, and shapes. Although you cannot retweet or like a Fleet, you can respond to them as a direct message.

The Official Twitter Blog added that soon users will also be allowed to use stickers on its app.  

Twitter had tested the feature in countries like South Korea, Brazil, India, and Italy and after receiving positive feedback from these places, they released this new feature everywhere on November 17.

However, with a new feature comes new bugs and mistakes. Ideally, Fleets are meant to disappear after 24 hours, but some reportedly did not. Less than one week after the new feature became available, some Fleets were not removed after the said 24 hour timeline.

The purpose of Fleets is to share something for that day, and then it would disappear from the profile, but this bug allegedly kept some Fleets on the account for days. Twitter officials quickly responded saying that they are aware of the bug are working on fixing it. 

Are you a Twitter user, and if so, will you be using Fleets? Will you share your voice using Twitters new feature?