Oh, The Joys of Winter Break: Marian University students reflect on time off


Jacob Schrauth and Madi Naatz , Writers

FOND DU LAC Wis. (Sabre Voice) – Marian University Students have returned to campus for the spring semester, but not without memories of their winter break.  

Two Marian University students Brianna Flitter, a sophomore, and Jamie Schrauth, a senior and the sister of one of the reporters, had exciting but relaxing winter breaks. 

The Covid-19 pandemic brought a sense of uncertainty when it came to the holiday season because of the CDC guidelines that restricted large social gatherings and certain activities that are usually done over the holiday season. 

“The Covid-19 pandemic restricted us to see some of the people we love” said Schrauth, who was able “to work lot more and earn some money to pay for the next semester of school.” 

Flitter also was able to work more because she “didn’t get to do the things we normally get to do around the holiday season,” she said. However, she did make time for fun. The most exciting thing she did over the break was go to the Lambeau Field Atrium ice skate, and have dinner with loved ones, she said.  

For Marian University student Jae McCulley, break, too, was a nice time to be able to spend her time with her mom and dad considering she did not see them much when she was in school. Her time off was made more memorable by getting to see her other family members she missed, as well as her boyfriend of eight months.    

While they enjoyed the break, it didn’t seem to last long enough. As classes began again and the students reflected on the past few weeks, they couldn’t help but describe their time off as feeling “shorter than it actually was.”