Students experience slightly different winter break due to pandemic


Jay Bolden, Writer

FOND DU LAC, WI (Sabre Voice)-Marian University students completed their fall semester of the scholastic year and winter break began.

Rather than doing normal activities, such as going out, students endured the coarse reality of a pandemic still, but this time at home. This left them with limited options, and students chose a variety of ways to keep themselves occupied during their stay at home. 

Andrew Cowden, member of Marian University’s soccer team, said that he decided to work at the popular fast-food chain, McDonald’s, while also spending time with his loved ones. When asked about how COVID affected his stay at home, he said, “everything, it’s changed everything.” He went on to say that masks made his work “difficult, as they impacted his ability to breathe while working in a balmy work environment.  

It’s not a surprise that many people define the adjustments made for COVID as “difficult.” For many, the pandemic has taken away hobbies, favorite restaurants, or even Saturday night plans. This infectious disease has affected one of the most essential things in society: human interaction. 

Tariq Sawyer, volleyball enthusiast and native to Chicago, said the pandemic made Downtown Chicago a “ghost town.” He noticed during his winter break the lack of connection between people in the city. A city that was once a roaring Lion in the Midwest, has now the toon of a somber kitten. “Things aren’t the same, and they probably ever will be,” he said.  

There are many questions that humans are faced with in the future after the pandemic. What can we do to keep ourselves safe? When will we be able to safely go outside and enjoy the fruits of life just as years past?  

There is hope for a better tomorrow, despite a global pandemic. Marian University was able to keep its doors open, despite many colleges across the country being forced to transition to fully online classes, according to an article from Inside Higher Ed. Now, following a changed winter break, students have returned to campus for a bit of normalcy.