Celebrating a Marian University healthcare hero


Jake Schrauth, Writer

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (Sabre Voice) – Not all heroes wear capes. At Marian University, Nurse Jodi Schrauth spends her day treating both students and staff and keeping them safe from the spread of viruses, including Covid-19.  

The pandemic has brought much more attention to the front-line workers along with more chaos in their lives. Schrauth, who is employed through SSM Health and the mother of this reporter, has worked at the university as the school nurse for seven years, but she said that time “feels longer.” 

In the past year, she has seen her day-to-day work change outside of the shifts people around the world have experienced in their lives. 

“I spend most of my days tracking students who’ve had contact tracing reported, contacting close contacts and giving the correct quarantine and isolation instructions,” Schrauth said.   

The way her office operates is also different. Prior to the pandemic, students and faculty could walk into her office without an appointment “Whether it was for a health issue or if they simply just wanted to talk,” she said. “The one thing that has changed since Covid-19 is that I must keep my door locked so people don’t walk in.” 

Schrauth knows these steps are necessary and appreciates that the school has them in place.  

“Marian University has done a great job applying a set of rules and guidelines to follow for Covid-19, especially the precautionary steps when you believe you’ve been exposed or infected,” Schrauth said.  

Although many universities and colleges have had to move fully online because of the pandemic, Marian University has been able to maintain in-person classes because of the work people have done around the campus — including Schrauth.