Your career path begins here


Jake Schrauth, Writer

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (Sabre Voice) – Are you unsure about your career path 

Mary HatlenDirector of Career Services and adjunct communication instructor, has the perfect opportunity for Marian University students to identify a career path.” 

With classroom presentations throughout the fall and spring semester per faculty’s request and stand-alone career workshops open to all studentsthere are a variety of opportunities available to attend. 

Stand-alone career workshops cover a variety of topics and are typically held twice a month,” Hatlen said. The workshop is broken down into a four-year development plan for students, which Hatlen describes as much like a “road map” because of the way it helps guide students to a career path. The first year in the program is Students – Understanding You”; the second year is “Sophomores –Exploring Your Career Path”; the third year is Juniors – Exploring Your Career”; and the last year is “Seniors – Actualizing Your Dream Career.”  

It is very easy to access information regarding these events,” said Hatlen. Every student on campus has a handshake account, which they can access by logging onto By pressing on the “Event tab, students can find campus events that are inperson or virtual. Most events do not require pre-registrationother than virtual career fairs that require students to pre-register for an interview time slot.  

Although the semester is nearly over, opportunities will continue in the future. Marian University wants to help students find their way along their career path.  

Our goal is for students to identify a career path that provides purpose and joy, said Hatlen