Fall Festivities on a College Budget

Fall Festivities on a College Budget

Stephanie Margelowsky

With the days of sunshine and swimsuits transforming into long nights of spooky stories and sweaters, it’s time to celebrate all the goodness that fall has to offer. Don’t spend this season camped out in your dorms; go enjoy the cooler temps! I know that as college students we usually don’t have a surplus of money lying around, here are a few cheap options to enjoy this season to the fullest. Throw on your boots and go have some fun! 

Check out the local farmer’s market. Throw on your favorite sweatshirt, grab yourself a cup of coffee, and head to Main Street on Saturday morning to check out the vendors. Whether you want to buy a fresh bouquet of flowers, get that first mini pumpkin, or just try to pet the most dogs, there is something for everyone to enjoy. (My personal best is 17 dogs if you are looking for a challenge.) 

Take a trip out to the Little Farmer. It’s open daily, and admission is free! I highly recommend grabbing a few quarters to feed the goats. The caramel apples are made to order with a variety of delicious toppings and the shops are picturesque, even if you don’t buy anything. There are plenty of great photo opportunities all around the grounds with various gardens, animals, and classic barn wood aplenty. The weekends do tend to be busier with families and young ones, but a random weekday is a perfect time to goof around with friends in the play zone! Although made with kids in mind, the right group of friends will have a blast climbing hay bales and pedaling carts around the track. 

Head out to Lakeside Park. Admire the changing colors and try to find the prettiest leaf. Play on the playground like you did as kids, push each other off the mini zipline, and see who can get the highest on the swings. Take the time to enjoy the cooler breeze whipping off the lake as you watch the sunset turn the skies into beautiful shades of reds, oranges, and purples.  

Weather too cold to go outside? Head to the nearest thrift shop and take turns creating ridiculous outfits. Pick out outfits for each other and see what happens. Who is scarier, funnier, or just downright creepy? Enjoy a few good laughs on a frigid rainy day, and you never know, you may find that perfect fit for Halloween night! 

Have a little extra money? Head out to Kelly’s Farmstead during the weekend. This family-operated farm is less than fifteen minutes from Marian. Admission even includes a ride to pick out your own pumpkin! See how well you fare in the corn maze or challenge a friend to a competitive game of pumpkin tic tac toe. There are farm animals to pet and large equipment to explore, including a giant slide. They are only open a few weekends this fall, so don’t miss your chance. 

Don’t let yourself get depressed about the changing weather. Embrace the changing season with excitement and wonder. School can be intense. Make sure you are taking time for yourself and make those memories that you will cherish forever, or at the very least, through the upcoming winter months.