Glowing Smiles at Marian’s Glow Games

Glowing Smiles at Marian’s Glow Games

McKenna Hron, Co-Editor

The first campus event for all students was the Glow Games. The Glow Games were held at 9 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 2. This event was located at the Naber Hall green space by the volleyball and basketball courts. Students from all different student housing units came down to enjoy the nice weather and meet new friends. The Resident Assistants were glad to see many upperclassmen join in the fun activities and helped make the freshman students feel more at home. 

Marian University Residence Life did a marvelous job creating an enjoyable first campus event for students. Residence life had a small backdrop where you could take fun pictures with your friends and had a variety of activities set up. There was a table with glow sticks where residences were encouraged to make things from necklaces to bracelets to glasses and whatever else they could think to create with glow sticks. Also provided at the Glow Games was a table with juice barrels and popsicles for students to snack on during the night’s activities. 

Students got together and played bean bag toss, basketball, tug of war, and volleyball that night. The tug of war game went quickly as the girls defeated the guys proving their strength. After the girls versus boys’ game, students teamed up and continued to play while others moved to the other activities. Aside from the more physical activities, there was also a face painting table and a craft table where you could put your creative mind into action by decorating your own mason jar. Many of the Resident Assistants played alongside the students in volleyball or were helping students design their mason jars.

Students laughed and mingled all throughout the Glow Games event. The Glow Games offered a great opportunity for students to meet one another and enjoy the cool weather. This event allowed students to create new friendships and enjoy a break from the first week of school. Many homesick students were able to feel more at home at Marian by being given the opportunity to enjoy the campus outside of academics. In the end the Glow Games proved to be a successful event where many students enjoyed a night off on campus, all thanks to Marian’s Residence Life!