The Comeback of Concerts


Claire Catrambone , Writer

COVID-19 has graced us with many mandates and restrictions, but with the recent lifts, events like concerts have started up again. Although they’re back, they come with pre-show prep for both the performer and those who are there to watch. On Saturday, Sept. 25, at the United Center, in Chicago, Illinois, I was able to experience these adjustments firsthand. Compared to the old days, were all a fan needed to enter was a ticket and a good outfit, this time around was a lot trickier. In order to get in, the concert-goer must supply a photo ID, as well as a negative COVID test or a vaccination card. Furthermore, a mask was required throughout the entire concert.  

The performers themselves had to follow the mask mandate, too. Both Styles and his opener, Jenny Lewis, were obligated to wear a mask until they stepped on stage. Before the spectators and I could hear the music, a recording of Harry played, where he asked everyone to keep a mask on, and thanked the crowd for providing proof of COVID clearance. From where I sat, I saw about one third of the crowd clearly. To my dismay, I only spotted about three people not wearing a mask. Regardless of the pandemic, the show went on, and the performance was fantastic. There was crowd interaction, people singing and dancing, and even a proposal.  

  Although fighting the pandemic is an uphill battle, being united again in one room was refreshing and humanizing for everyone involved. I encourage everyone to get back out into the world and try to adapt to our new normal.  

If you are a fellow fan of Harry Styles, here are some upcoming dates for his next concerts: 

-Oct. 10th at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida 

-Nov. 3rd Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 


←Picture of Harry Styles and the masked crowd, taken by Claire Catrambone